Advokatbyran Sörmdal specialises in criminal law, immigration law, family and social law and provides legal advice to both private individuals and companies. We also possess extensive experience of representing children.

If you are suspected of a crime you have, in most cases, the right to a defence counsel. It is important that such a lawyer is involved as early as possible, in connection with the initial interview. You can suggest who you would like as your defence counsel to the police. You are also entitled to employ a lawyer privately to accompany you as the authorities only rarely appoint a public defender in connection with the initial interview.

If you are, however, the victim of a crime you may be entitled to the help of an injured party counsel. Also in this case you may tell the police who you wish to represent you.

Advokatbyran Sörmdal works in all areas of immigration law including asylum, visiting, residence and work permits, company establishment, Dublin, custody, EU and EES, and citizenship.

If you are applying for asylum in Sweden, you almost always have the right to public counsel to help you. Public counsel is usually appointed by the Migration Board and paid for by the Swedish state. You are entitled to state which public counsel you would like when you are at the Migration Board.

If you wish to come to Sweden to marry or cohabit, if you wish to work or start a company, we can help you either as your public counsel or your legal representative. If you have been detained in custody, you are almost always entitled to a public counsel to help you.

Within family law we work mostly with child custody, residence and visitation rights.

Social law covers a number of areas. Here we primarily work with the Care of Young Persons (Special Provisions) Act, the Care of Substance Abusers (Special Provisions) Act, the Compulsory Mental Care Act and the Forensic Medical Care Act, all of which include a form of compulsory care. In these cases public counsel is appointed and you are entitled to suggest who you would like.

Our starting point is you as a client and we have a solid commitment to competence, availability and responsibility.